What is The Credit Company?
The Credit Company is an investment company, which develops and realizes various investment-currency strategies. The members of the company are not only the best experts and specialists of the crypto-financial sphere but also everyone, who has ever dealt with us at least once. For us, an investor – is not just a customer! Everyone, who had ever invested in our project, becomes a part of our close-knit team.
We deal with the greatest worldwide crypto-currency exchanges, what allows us and our partners to develop confidence and guarantees a stable financial growth in future.

What are the main advantages of The Credit Company
We are always aimed at the long-term co-working and partnership. That is why we always implement our commitments by expanding our own and our customers' opportunities.

Who may invest with you?
In order to become an investor with us, it is enough to create an account on our platform and make a deposit.

Is there a data securing system
Every deposit, investment and all the privet information are being protected by the multi-level security system from different cyber-attacks such as DDOS, etc.

How can I connect the support
In order to connect us you have to enter the “contact us” section at the bottom of the page and leave us a message. Our specialists will react to your problem as soon as it is possible.

Can I delete my account?
Unfortunately, you can't however you can contact us to process it for you.

Can I invest several plans?
Of course, we don’t limit our customers in their opportunities and desires. Everyone can choose as many investment plans as he or she wishes.

How much does it cost to start an investment?
It is the absolutely free option. Just sign in, chose the suitable payment system and chose the sum of the deposit that you want.

Is there a commission while withdrawal
We doesn’t take any hidden or additional payments, while withdrawing, depositing, etc.

When would my depsoit become available?
After 3 confirmations it will.

Can I reinvest my income
After getting profits from the investments, you can invest it, without withdrawing or depositing again.

In what currency will I get my withdrawal?
We deal in Bitcoin.

When would I receive my withdrawal?
The maximum withdrawal time is equal to 48 hours. Usually, the transfer is immediate.

What is the minimal withdrawal amount?
Users are able to withdraw any sum of money they want from their accounts, which is not less than $10.

What payment type do you use?
We use Bitcoin

Can I receive referral commission without being an active investor?
Yes you can, no deposit is required to join our affiliate program.

Who manages the funds?
These funds are managed by our team of investment experts.